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What is ISR?

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), is nationally recognized as the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for infants and young children.

For over 45 years, highly trained certified Instructors committed to safety, and the success of their students, ensure that their students are receiving the best possible instruction in the world today.

What Makes ISR Different

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Dedication to Safety

ISR is committed to the safety of the children during and after lessons. A team of registered nurses evaluates the health and medical history of every student before lessons even begin. Safety protocols are in place for any potential hazard.

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Parent Education

Your child is not the only one learning during lessons. ISR’s program includes comprehensive parent education on aquatic safety and drowning prevention. Parents are encouraged to get in the water over the course of lessons and learn with their child about water safety.

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Personalized Lessons

Lessons are taught in a customized, one-on-one lesson environment, and foster the development of swimming and safety in infants and young children with ISR’s proprietary Self-Rescue™ program.

What Will My Child Learn?

ISR lessons are unique to other swim lessons:

  • Are customized and taught one-on-one by a Certified ISR Instructor
  • Are a maximum 10 minute lesson per day, Monday through Friday, for approximately 6 weeks
  • Emphasize health, ongoing program evaluations and parent education
  • Provide your child with the competence and confidence to safely enjoy the water

With ISR's Self-Rescue skills your child will be able to swim and float independently and learn to move at his or her own pace toward the safety of the side of the pool or the shores of a pond or lake.

Roll - Back - To - Float

Ages 6 - 12 Months

*Infants who are able to sit up independently are developmentally ready to begin lessons.

Your child is gently introduced to the water by your Instructor. As each child reacts differently, your Instructor will work with your child to guide him through the lesson process and to build their confidence in their abilities.

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Hold their breath underwater

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Roll on their back to float unassisted, rest and breathe, until help arrives

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To perform ISR's Self-Rescue skills first in a swim diaper, then while fully clothed

Swim - Float - Swim

Ages 1 - 6 Years

*Once your child is walking, they are developmentally ready to learn the SFS sequence.

ISR training for children between 1 and 6 years of age uses their confidence to help them build competence and the skills for survival. Swim float swim student will be taught:

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Hold their breath underwater

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To swim with their head down and eyes in the water

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Roll onto their back to float, rest, and breathe, then flip back over to resume swimming. This sequence can be repeated until they reach the side of the pool can crawl out, or be rescued by an adult.

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To perform these survival swimming skills first in a swim suit, then while fully clothed.

Meet Your Instructor

McKenzie Messick

I got my certification as an ISR instructor in Spring of 2023. I was introduced to ISR when we moved into a home with a pool and two babies at home. I am so excited to be brining ISR back to my hometown in Utah County and help more children in my community develop safe water skills.

As a mom of 2 toddlers I understand the unpredictability and impulsiveness of toddlers. I was a lifeguard at Lehi Legacy center for many years. I love the water and along with swimming in high school, I have my PADI certification and love to dive any chance I get.

I can't wait to meet you and your families!

Sessions run for 6-8 weeks. Your child's end date will be determined when he or she is able to consistently and independently perform Self-Rescue® skills.

Lessons are DAILY Monday through Friday, and a maximum of 10 minutes a day.

You will need a lesson time where your child can attend each day at the same time, is well-rested, and has not consumed dairy food or drink for 2 hours prior to lessons, or non-dairy food or drink for 1 hour prior to lessons. It is also important to select a session date that will not interfere with family travel plans.

Consistent attendance is crucial to your child's success in lessons, so it is imperative to pick a session start date where vacations, traveling, or any other scheduling conflict will not interfere with the ability to attend lessons each day.

Lessons are $130 per week. Scholarship opportunities and Brand Ambassador programs are offered on a limited, case by case, basis. Contact for more information.

A $130 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your child’s time slot (this covers the cost of the Last week of lessons).

Enrollment & Pricing

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ISR Non-discrimination policy

Infant Swimming Resource, LLC ("ISR") complies with all federal and state laws and regulations and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion or disability. It is the policy of ISR to provide reasonable accommodations to its disabled applicants and students, with the provision of appropriate documentation of the need for the accommodation.

Quality Assurance

​ISR is committed to ensuring that every ISR student receives the most effective lesson experience. Pursuant to that commitment, throughout your child’s lessons, the ISR Quality Assurance Staff will maintain points of contact with you and your Instructor regarding your child’s performance and skill attainment.